omicsWelcome to the Madak-Erdogan Lab:
Our lab uses  Systems Biology approaches to understand how hormones and nutrition affect women’s health. We elucidate the molecular basis of how breast tumors become deadly and the impact of synthetic and botanical estrogens on metabolic health of postmenopausal women.

October 2016: Daily Illini covered our XPO1 story.
October 2016: The Big Ten Network covered our XPO1 story.
October 2016: TASSA newsroom, Young Scholar of the month: Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
October 2016: Our XPO1 and ramoxfien-resistance paper is featured in the final issue of Molecular Endcorinology.
September 2016: Our XPO1 and tamoxifen-resistance paper is covered by  EurekaAlert, News-Medical, ScienceDaily, Scifeeds and Illinois website.
September 2016:
Our research article on the role of XPO1 in tamoxifen resistance is published in Molecular Endocrinology
September 2016:
Our forum article on “Estrogen and Microbiota Crosstalk: Should we pay attention?” is out in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism.
August 2016: Brandi Smith joined our lab.
July 2016:Our review article on “Nuclear and extranuclear-initiated estrogen receptor signaling crosstalk and endocrine resistance in breast cancer” is out in Journal of Steroids.
June 2016: The Pharmaceutical Journal coverage of our paper is published.
May 2016:
Our paper on Pathway Preferential Estrogens is out in Science Signaling. Also an accompanying podcast is published.
April 2016:
Zeynep received FIRE grant
April 2016:
Karen got Margin of Excellence award from DNS. Congrats Karen!
April 2016:
Cancer Research Advocacy Group Launched
April 2016:
  Nutraingredients covered our Mary Swartz Rose award
April 2016:
Zeynep received Karl E. Gardner Teaching Enhancement Grant for her Diet, Nutrition and Cancer class
March 2016:
Our paper on Systems Biology of metabolic regulation by ER signaling in breast cancer is out in JOVE.
March 2016:
Eylem Kulkoyluoglu and Karen Chen  have been granted UNC Nutrition Research Institute Scholarship for the Nutrigenomics, Nutrigenetics and Precision Nutrition short course. Congrats Eylem and Karen!
March 2016:
Zeynep received 2016 Mary Swartz Rose Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Nutrition
January 2016:
Karen Chen received Graduate College Travel Award. Congrats Karen!
November 2015:
Our paper on licorice root and post-menopausal metabolic health is out
October 2015:
Zeynep Received OIP Seed Grant
October 2015:
Zeynep Received DNS Vision 20/20 Grant
August 2015:
Eylem Kulkoyluoglu joined our lab.
July 2015:
Mengmeng Wang and Ying Ma from ISIP program joined our lab.
June 2015:
Karen Chen joined our lab.
May 2015:
Kadriye Hieronymi joined our lab. Melissa Wang graduated.
April 2015:
Kinga Wrobel joined our lab.
March 2015:
Zeynep received Arnold O. Beckman Research Award.
February 2015:
Zeynep received Early Investigators Award from Endocrine Society.
January 2015:
Melissa Wang and Ozan Berk Imir joined our lab.
December 2014:
Received funding from OVCR for Cytation 5
October 2014:
Francis Lee joined our lab
September 2014:
Received funding from Pfizer
August 2014:
Our lab launched