DNS561/FSHN520 Nutrition and Women’s Health

NUTR561-“Nutrition and Women’s health”, 2 credits
Fall 2016
The course emphasizes the role of nutrition and diet in women’s health throughout life span.
Meeting Time and Location
Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 am-12:20 pm in 212 David Kinley Hall
Course Coordinator (Office hours by appointment)
Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
359 ERML Hall

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how diet and nutritional status affect women’s health at different stages of life
  • Understand that diet and nutritional status have long lasting effects through generations
  • Learn how life style changes mainly in terms of diet prevent chronic disease
  • Learn the role that diet and nutrition plays to maintain health during aging

Course Sections (Also teams)
Health of women in United States

Transgenerational impact of nutrition during pregnancy
Text.  All required papers will be announced and posted on Illinois Compass 2g website.  All PowerPoint lectures will be posted on Illinois Compass 2g as pdf files prior to class.

Quizzes (4).  There will be 4 quizzes valued at 10 points each (40 pts total).  There will be no final.  Quiz questions may be multiple-choice, True/False, matching, short answer, assay, case study or thought problems.  Each quiz will be divided on the proportion of the topics discussed since the last quiz.

25 pts. Each student will present a research paper pertinent to each week’s discussion material. The presentation will be worth 14 points.  Remaining 11 pts will be obtained when student participates in the discussion of other 11 papers.

Each team will submit a summary of the topic that they presented together. Each student is supposed to contribute 500 words and 10 references.  This assignment is worth 35 points.  Students will be graded based on the relevance of identified references (15 pts), correct citation (10 pts) and clarity of the write up (10 pts). This is assignment is due October 12th.

Class participation and attendance.  There is no credit earned or lost for not attending and/or participating except the paper discussions.  The instructor strongly urge you to do both since she is not going to provide all the critical information in the PowerPoint slides.  Quiz questions will be drawn from material presented in lectures and posted in compass.

Missed examinations and rescheduling a quiz.  There will be no make-up examinations or quizzes permitted.  If you cannot be present at an exam due to an unavoidable, academic (e.g. non-personal) activity, you may take the exam or quiz by prior arrangement at an earlier date (not to exceed 2 days) from the scheduled exam date.  If necessary, contact Professor Madak-Erdogan (zmadake2@illinois.edu) at least one full week prior to the desired exam date to make arrangements.  In cases of true, documented medical or family emergency, the instructor will consider a make-up exam.

Grading.  Grading will be on a point basis and will be somewhat based on a curve; however, raw scores above 90 will always be an “A,” 80 = “B,” 70 = “C.”.  There are 100 total points possible for the semester.  This is a graduate course.  Students can normally be expected to earn A or B grades if they put forth the effort, perform well on the exams/quizzes and satisfactorily complete the other course requirements.