FSHN 595- Diet Nutrition and Cancer

FSHN 595-“Diet, Nutrition and Cancer”, 3 credits

Spring 2016

The course emphasizes the role of nutrition and diet in development and prevention of cancer and well as the role of nutrition and diet during and after cancer treatment. Major cancers that are related to diet and how nutrients effect stages of carcinogenesis or hallmarks of cancer will be discussed.

Meeting Time and Location

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00-11:00 am in 103 Bevier Hall

Course Coordinator

(Office hours by appointment)

Zeynep Madak-Erdogan

359 ERML Hall



Course Sections

Introduction to Carcinogenesis and Hallmarks of Cancer

The molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and the hallmarks of cancer based on the review by Hannahan and Weinberg

Role of Diet and Nutrition in Cancer Prevention

Major nutrients and food groups that potentially prevent different cancer type.

How Diet and Nutrition affects the Development of Cancer

The major cancer types that are driven by diet and nutrition.

Diet and Nutrition during Cancer Treatment

The role of nutrition and diet on treatment efficacy. Nutrition and Diet interventions to reduce side-effects due to cancer treatments. Dietary Supplements.

Diet and Nutrition after Cancer

The role of nutrition and diet for cancer survivors

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how diet and nutritional status affect different hallmarks of cancer positively and negatively
  • Understand that diet and nutritional status might interfere with or improve responses to cancer therapies.
  • Learn how life style changes mainly in terms of diet prevent certain types of cancers
  • Learn the role that diet and nutrition plays to keep healthy after cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Text. All required papers will be announced and posted on Illinois Compass 2g website. All PowerPoint lectures will be posted on Illinois Compass 2g as pdf files prior to class.

Examinations (3) and Quizzes (3). There will be 3 non-cumulative exams valued at 20 pts each (total of 60 pts) and 3 quizzes valued at 5 points each (total of 15 pts). There will be no final. Exam/Quiz questions may be multiple-choice, True/False, matching, short answer, assay, case study or thought problems. Each exam will be divided on the proportion of the topics discussed since the last exam.

Presentations: 25 pts. Each student will present a research paper pertinent to each week’s discussion material.

Class participation and attendance. There is no credit earned or lost for not attending and/or participating. The instructor strongly urge you to do both since she is not going to provide all the critical information in the PowerPoint slides. Exam questions will be drawn from material presented in lectures.