Women’s Health, Hormones and Nutrition

The major goal of our research is to improve metabolic health of postmenopausal women.Our aim in this project is to assess how diet impact the ability of hormones  to improve postmenopausal metabolic health. Inflammation is a key component of obesity, diabetes arising from obesity, and CVD risk; high refined sugar content, saturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids common to Western-style diets. Increased cytokines and metabolites in the blood exacerbate postprandial glucose excursions, oxidative stress and inflammation. Conversely, Mediterranean-style diets, which are high in raw fruits and vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, natural antioxidants and fiber, may alleviate these postprandial events. Bases on our studies and published work from other labs we are working on following questions:

1-How various diets affect metabolic effects of estrogens?

2-What is the impact of estrogens on microbiota?

3-What is the impact of microbiota on estrogen action?

The anticipated positive impact of the research will be dietary guidelines that maximize the desirable metabolic and vascular tissue-specific benefits of estrogens for postmenopausal women.